A Photographer's Story

I'm a photographer in Montreal, Canada . While I'm not the biggest fan of the long winters, it is my favourite season to photograph . I shoot mostly outdoors - the world and nature are my studios .

In addition to my family, dogs (animals) and photography have been my greatest passion for as long as I can remember . Animals have taught me to simplify and to appreciate that simplicity and as such I believe they should be role models for our lives . My biggest joy is capturing that moment, that soul, and sharing it with someone who understands how deserving of these memories our pets are .

Working in the veterinary field led me to realize that while of course they would never forget their pet, very few had decent photos to remember their pets . Mostly they regretted having consistently put off having professional photos taken . I found this heartbreaking and so in 2007, I began to seriously photograph pets and the bond they shared with their humans . Our pets teach us so much about life, about unconditional love, that they deserve to leave behind a tangible memory .

I live with my two dogs, Maddie and Crash . Maddie is an "All Canadian" rescue whose incredibly sweet nature make her a favourite with many . Crash is an Australian Shepherd, very serious by nature and always eager and energetic to work . Both dogs are active in the world of scent detection, dock diving, and obedience . My photography also contributes to the cost of their training .Crash and Maddie also volunteer their love to soothe passengers at the Montreal airport . They are my world and my muses !

In a world where few listen and many do not see, photography allows me to speak the words I cannot find - the camera an extension of myself and my deep love and respect for animals .

“"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unwakened."”